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going live this 14 june 2019 at 10AM EST!

What is Versatile Pictures Ultimate?

Versatile Pictures Ultimate is a humongous collection of more than 20,000 High resolution versatile pictures that your customer can use in almost any application and they will fit in perfectly. Unlike regular images, these images are truly unique and without background making them super versatile.

As the image are without background your customer can place them on top of any background regardless of their colour or style and they will integrate seamlessly with them every time! The sky is the limit with Versatile Pictures, your customer can use them in video, graphic, presentation and almost all the software out there.

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Important Notes & T&C:

* This is a 6 days launch starting on the 14th June 2019 at 10AM EST then ends on the 20 June 2019 midnight 11:59PM EST.

* There is no minimum but you need to generate the equal or more than the amount of commission listed above if not the payout will be based on the commission you have generated.

* All sales are based on GROSS sales.

Launch Info:

Versatile Pictures Ultimate will go live on the 14th June 2019 at 10AM EST. Early bird sales and other info are available in our comprehensive JV doc below. New updates will also be posted in the JV doc below.

Email Swipes:

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I just managed to get review access to a unique humongous stock images collection.

Before you read further, this is not your regular stock images collection, rather this is something unique. It’s calls Versatile Pictures Ultimate, and these are call versatile pictures for a reason, all the background of these images has been professionally removed making them extremely “versatile”

Versatile Pictures Ultimate is not only “versatile” but it’s a total giant packed with more than 20,000 high resolution versatile pictures covering hundreds of various categories that you can use in any of your project and they will blend in flawlessly every time!


As these images are without background, they are super flexible, and you can literally use them over any project regardless of their background or style.

The images are also in standard PNG format, so they are compatible with almost all the video, graphic, presentation and almost all the software out there.

The Versatile Pictures Ultimate is truly unique and will boost your creativity and productivity by a hundred-fold. Regardless if you are a designer, videographer, marketer or from any walk of life, you will find Versatile Pictures Ultimate super handy.

You will get unlimited access and downloads to all the 20,000+ HD versatile pictures at one tiny price, and don’t forget commercial rights is also included at no additional fees!

Finally, it’s on early bird sale and it is being sold at a heavily discounted price now, but price is going up this midnight EST, so make sure you secure this now before price rises further.


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Get unlimited access and downloads to more than 20,000 high resolution versatile pictures for a one tiny price with the new Versatile Pictures Ultimate.

These images are call versatile for a reason; these are not your regular images but rather these images are without background making them extremely flexible and will blend in magically with any of your project seamlessly every time.

Here are what you will get with the Versatile Pictures Ultimate:

* Humongous collection of more than 20,000 high resolution versatile pictures covering hundreds of different categories.

* Super Flexible, the background of all the versatile pictures are professionally removed so you can literally place them on top of any design regardless of the background color or style and the image will blend in seamlessly.

* All the images are organized into list of easy to browse categories and all the files are named with keyword making it easy to find what you need.

* All the versatile pictures are in standard format so they will work with almost all graphic, video, presentation and most software out there.

* Included with commercial rights so you can use these versatile pictures unlimited of times in your client’s projects at no additional fees.

And the best part is you can get all of these for one tiny price but only during the introductory early bird sale so make sure you check this out and grab it fast before the sale ended.


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Affiliate T&C:

Read carefully before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to do the following things if approved for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and agree that any commissions will be forfeited without recourse:

* You are NOT permitted to conduct e-mail promotions in a 3rd party system – all e-mail contacts MUST be your OWN opt in e-mail list. You cannot buy solo ads, use safe lists, use spam or anything similar.

* Absolutely no paid to click traffics, click exchange traffics, cheap traffics like $5 for 1000 clicks or any other junk traffics.

* You must NOT run “negative” PPC or iframe domain campaigns such as “Product name / author name scam” or any other method to attract controversial click thru rates that an ordinary person would deem to portray a negative view of the product. This creates a very bad image for our company and the individuals featured in the products and you will be terminated from the program instantly.

* You cannot earn commission on your own purchase. Any ‘self’ purchase commission may be nullified or held back.

* Affiliate payments will be set as delayed for affiliates with not enough traack record. Please describe briefly how you will be promoting and any links to your own websites or warrior forum profile. 

* We run a legitimate business, which means that I always correctly illustrate and represent my product/s and their features and benefits to the customer. Please make sure you do the same. Anyone found using misleading claims, inaccurate information or false testimonials (or anything that does not comply with FTC guidelines) will have their affiliate account revoked immediately.

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